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The stores listed here are only a few of the stores that are planning on closing or filing bankruptcy, there are literally dozens of others as soon as I can get them to you I will, this much I do know Wal-Mart has already closed a couple hundred stores and that is a real mind bender!!!

Wet Seal filed for bankruptcy this past February, looks sad to me, then there are a number of others Sears announced they plan on closing several K-Marts.  If they do not operate smarter they may go the way of the the dinosaur 

Next there are a dozen others including HHGregg which filed for bankruptcy in March of 2017, then there is Gymboree which will close an estimated 450 stores while the company is in a restructure mode to stay afloat, lets hope!

Then there is Radio Shack which filed earlier this year for bankruptcy yet they still have around 1,000 stores in operation, I believe that many of these stores could still be in operation if they re- branded them in a modern way!

Limited has also gone the way of the Dodo bird but claims they are going to maintain their online presence like Amazon is the big boy in the neighborhood and you are now going online, a little late me thinks!!

Payless shoe source is closing 800 stores which means they will still have about 3,600 stores and I was not to happy last time I shopped there as their prices did not seem to be less than K-Mart of Wal-Mart or any other store so its  wonder they did not close more stores!!!

American Apparel which I never heard of filed for bankruptcy in November of last year and I hear it closed all of its stores so goodbye you'all !   Gander Mtn followed in the footsteps of many other sports stores that seem to be unable to spark enthusiasm in its shoppers, again re-branding comes to mind if anyone has a brain please use it! 

I hear Rue 21 is a teen store which has hit the skids! and that teens are not coming to shop here, why?  Because teens are losing their jobs due to the attempt by Democrats to increase minimum wage to $15.00 and hour so stores and other businesses are laying off teens, Seattle laid off over 1,000 young people and the media is as silent as a church mouse, New York and California are following suite to force employers to pay this also, and I see what is coming, automated fast food and the markets are adding self serve checkouts, really, $15.00 an hour will not work!!!

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