Sunday, July 9, 2017

VIVA DOG & PONY SHOW et al all left wing commies


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A New York state senator was at a hate fest while speaking she was using a completely vulgar and vile description of the president, total ignorance on display, where is the so called media, OH I forgot they only address Republicans not members of the demonic party of America!!

In addition to this vulgar display some other members of the demonic party are once again threatening the president by saying do not fire Mueller or we will make him permanent, while they make Comey out to look like a saint, he ain't!

Treson on the part of judges is on the uptick writing descriptions of the travel ban in violation of the constitution and the law, which is actually titled (8 US Code 1158) authorizing the president to restrict travel from nations that the president feels is a threat to our security!

I love this portrait of the most disgusting person in the world, she is a demonic person, thus the party she represents is known as the demonic party of America!


yes it does only I call it a flow of diarrhea !  In addition she is so disgusting and so ugly, why in the world would anyone want the bitch of Benghazi in our White House unless they are unAmerican treasonous traitors !!


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