Monday, July 17, 2017

THIS IS AMERICA w/pictures


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I hope to leave here some day in the men time I am stuck here on the Space Ship Earth until I am called to the great place above, I hope and pray that is, anyhow I hope these pictures and the ones I will post next interest you and others, pleas pass them on to your contacts!

I have seen many situations from the Iran Mercy Mission in 1962, the Hands Italy Mercy Mission in 1963 and the Yugoslavian Mercy Mission in 1962 plus the Vietnam war, we are heading for what I believe is the final chapter, if you do not believe in god, Jesus and Satan, heaven and hell then there is nothing that will save you when its over!

There are heathens who are posting false narratives that Jesus never existed, like a bunch of people just got together and decided to create a fairy tale called the Messiah!  WOW what ignorance!  Actually its intolerable ignorance, these are the same people who want to destroy Christianity in the name of ignorance!  

Why do they have such a burning hate for Christianity and Christ? They are absent in the thought faculty of the spiritual being which gives us our connection to the lord of the universe Jehovah!

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Your free because these men and women cared from Yorktown to Afghanistan and Iraq to Hell and Back someone cared even though they never knew you!  We said it many times when I was in the military when JFK was president that the youth of tomorrow will be our duty to protect for America's future!

Who do you know that served?  If you know someone like a grandfather  or uncle maybe your father and if they are still alive then let them know you care and say thank you!

Remember if someone died so you can be free!  Even the NRA is a group of men and women who serve America, and for those who say shame on the NRA then you wish to be a victim of crime!

Its as simple as own a gun and live free, or as the saying goes "Those who do not own guns are servants of government, those that own guns are the masters!

Another thing to remember is that victims of criminal violence did not have a carry permit!  Plus cities like Chicago, New York, Detroit, Philadelphia, Washington D.C.,  Los Angeles, Baltimore and those that do not allow its residents to own guns actually help the local mortuary business!

The death toll in these cities and those that resist gun ownership have increased deaths due to criminal violence these deaths can be attributed to stupid politicians!

A gun free zone is like Russian roulette, sooner or later some whack job will enter with a gun and kill several people, this happened in one restaurant and there was a waiter who had a gun and shot the perp, he got fired of course but then the restaurant went out of business! 

Another restaurant in Colorado has its waitresses actually carrying their own guns, think some whack job will try anything there?   A few years ago a retired veteran was having a late dinner at a Sub Way in Florida when two men with guns came in to rob everyone, the ex Marine had a carry permit and fired his gun and the two criminals couldn't run from the restaurant fast enough he shot one and the police caught them later. 

So the bottom line is the police cannot be everywhere so as long as people can protect themselves crime will drop, the cities I mentioned above are in fact proof that the absence of guns by the public is tantamount to declaring war on its citizens!!

Veterans are in fact hate guns more than the politicians that want gun control (should be people control) we for the most part own guns for sport, not for crime, the only criminals I know are not veterans as far as I have seen, there may be a few but for the most part the criminals are people who do not have any common sense or they would not be criminals!

I mention guns because our veterans have to learn how to be masters of weapons, not just wear a uniform, so guns are an important part of our culture and those who would try to take guns away are for the most parts pathological liars, psychotic as well as being sociopaths!

These people are not only dangerous to society but to themselves as well, when you hear about people who commit suicide guess what they happen to be?  

My entire family served in WWII and after the war my brother and I myself served plus several cousins, my Uncle George was in the California National Guard when the war started he went from the landing in Africa to Sicily to Italy to D Day all the way to the Battle of the Bulge where he was wound, captures by he Nazi's and escaped saving 49 men's lives he would have received the medal of honor but the Colonel was killed before they got back to their lines he said he would get t for him and a commission, the Major got him the commission but said he did not know what the colonel would have said for the medal of honor, so he lost out on that!

My uncle Jim was on the USS Curtis AV-$ in Pearl Harbor the morning of the attack by the Japanese, in addition there were 4 cousins on board Teddy was killed on the ship while being attacked, my uncle shot down two enemy aircraft, I put pictures of the Curtis below, all four cousins would die before Iwo Jima, this was my mothers side, my aunt Helen worked for the FBI as a field agent supporter, she gathered information for field agents!

My uncle Chris was in the Coast Guard, two cousins were in the Merchant Marines, my father was a corporal when the war started in 1941, he got out October 1945 as a Tech Sergeant, my uncle Lou was with B-17 bombers in England, my Uncle Gus was in the Marines, my fathers cousin Jim was in the Navy, there were more these are just a few of the many.

This is the first picture with Roosevelt signing a new law

Sorry about the glare, the light from the camera was over whelming, this is some members of the crew of the USS Curtis, my uncle Jim was a member he is in the middle

My unlce told me after the war the Japanese surrendered several items this was a photo while the Japanese were attacking Pearl Harbor

copyright 2013  (c)   James Fridas

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