Monday, July 10, 2017


               THEY CAN SHOVE IT WHERE
                THE SUN DOES NOT SHINE!

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Lets make this go viral so Americans can see this agenda and stop the left from destroying America, unless of course you want to be a slave to the tyrants!!!

There are millions of losers who think that there is no god, no heaven and no hell!  These then are the perpetual losers who when they get to hell will wonder why they did not believe in Jehovah ad Jesus who many call a fairy tale!  

The fairy tale will turn out to be a real reality they will regret big time, so for those who hate Christians and think that there is no god, patience jackass and you will arrive at your destination with glee!!! 


Sounds just like what they will see in hell!! lol!!  So exciting those who wish to enjoy this here on earth will have it in hell to enjoy as well!!

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