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This is just the beginning of the end, much of what we see going  on in the news today has been prophesied in the bible, yet there are people who refuse to believe in god because they believe in to much entertainment on television or the movies or music that is down right sickening, so while the end is near they just keep day dreaming thinking all is well and there is no end!

This will be hard for non believers to accept because they do not believe in heaven, hell, god or Satan, so for those who have read the bible and understand that the lord has stated that what is happening in the world has been prophesied, so how can there not be a god and Satan?

Satan or Lucy as I refer to this piece of evil garbage (Lucifer) is so excited that his children are acting like the little demons he wants for his inheritance, so let us examine Christians against these devil worshipers referred to as Muslims.

While these devil worshipers claim might Mo is their prophet of choice the Quran actually claims Jesus and David are the two most revered and that mighty Mo is not revered at all!  The Bible and the Quran both have similar yet different views on how to do certain things:

Have you ever seen the pathetic creatures pray?  I know with their asses up to the sky in mass, not truly what Jesus said to do, he said go into a closet and pray in private your father in heaven seeing you in private will reward you openly!   Yet Allah AKA Satan said to pray in groups in public in violation of the way Jesus said to do it!

Jesus said drink of this wine for it is my blood which by the way is how Christians are saved not by works, yet the parasites in Islamic nations forbid Christian from communion, just recently the Iranian government sent four Christians to prison for communion  because they are not allowed to have communion because Allah AKA Satan does not want Christians to be saved!!!

Viewing different verses in the bible vs the Quran there are numerous differences that show how Allah AKA Satan has deceived the people of Islam, kill anyone who is not a Muslim, rape women, cut the heads off of Christians, rape children, blow up people in the name of Allah, have sex with goats and other animals, drink camel piss, be like the perfect man Mohamed and marry a 6 year old girl, really? Perfect!  What a joke, anyone who buys into this disgusting evil vile contemptuous ignorance needs to see a shrink!

Jesus stated that when Israel returns as a nation that this generation will not end before the return of man, that was in 1948 when Israel was once again a nation, a generation is 100 yeas so 2048 is when Jesus will return or sooner, so Lucy is in a state of  dis spare  because he wants as many souls as he can to prove to god he can have more than he can, but that will not spare him from the lake of fire!!!

See how Allah AKA Satan has deceived over 1 billion sick retarded people with an average I.Q. of 90 and with those who intermarry like brother and sister and 1st and 2nd cousin it gets worse as low as 70 with children being born with birth defects, such as Pakistan where the deformity of children is at least 50%, Iran is 30%, Saudi Arabia is 25% and so on through the Islamic worlds, such a beautiful religion right Angolie? 

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