Monday, July 17, 2017



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This incompetent traitor has also pushed climate change, well if you are a real god fearing person and read the bible Jehovah said that he is in charge of the weather not (Al Gore) so as far as I am concerned the real reason they on the left are pushing climate change is so they can implement a totalitarian society!!

Jerry Brown has made California a sanctuary state, this is in direct violation of the constitution and should be charged with treason, sedition and violating his oath of office!!

 Jerry Brown is a Jesuit which happens to be twin cousins to the Illuminati, now enter cap and trade, a scam on America  created for the benefit of the mew world order, only people who support this criminal conduct are all to ready to become slaves to the new world order!!!

Why you ask?  So they can get freebies!!!  They will sell their souls for freebies, and it happened with the nightmare Obamacare, so incredible people think this is a good thing!!!

California's governor Jerry Brown has pushed a tax on gas that will raise 52 billion dollars, that is the goal, even though the state raises 100's of billions on gas as it is, yet the governor spends it where he has no authority, on illegal aliens and ignores the plight of the homeless and homeless veterans!

So my question to this incompetent individual, where in the hell is all the money we have been paying for gas tax and registration going?

So far under this incompetent nincompoop 9,000 businesses have left California for other states!

So how does he support businesses in other states you ask?  Brown said California would smoke Texas on jobs!  Really Jerry?  

In fact just before the Warriors won the national championship American Dynamics announced they were sending 20,000 jobs to Alabama, so I guess Jerry was telling the truth California smoked Texas and sent those jobs to Alabama!!!  

So now this incompetent governor is spending 60 billion dollars to build a train to nowhere the alleged bullet train that is, and he wants to build tunnels to syphon off water from Northern California to the southern part of the state for fracking and that will doom California as this will increase the chances for a major earthquake!

Think Oklahoma, they had 3 to 5 earthquakes annually and they were mild, now with fracking in Oklahoma they had over 200 earthquakes, go Jerry!!!

Congressman Mimi Walters is heading up a challenge to Brown the Clown in an attempt  to stop the tax initiative he passed raising gas taxes 12 cents a gallon, to wit I must ask what the hell has this buffoon been doing with the taxes he has been receiving which will raise to over .47 cents a gallon!! 

How long will people continue to support this incompetent clown, its obvious he cannot do anything right as he will bankrupt California at  the rate he is spending our money!!!

waiting in the wings is an even  more derelict Lt Governor Newsom who is a womanizer who would make Bill Clinton envious!!!

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