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 Please forward and share  facebook google plus twitter linked in  please share!  We will add our second update to this article about the lefts attempt to discredit the president of the United State who we now know won the popular vote as well as the electoral college, proof is in the hands of Vice President Mike Pence!

This is the first update to this article, while I have already posted it and I am working on the second installment I want to inform you that the talking heads are trying to now overshadow the major statement that Comey said that the Don did not have any connection with Russia, they are having hissy fits while their panties are in a bunch!!  

Remember these talking heads are girly men and  the women, pardon me did I write women?  Well I am entitled to make a mistake or two now and then I am not a left wingnut talking head so I will not try and cover up my mistakes!!!  Truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth, I would never qualify as a left wing talking head!

More information is being disseminated that is a lot of lies being distributed by none other than the fake news media, why are they not talking about the 35 million dollars Podesta received while working for Obama and then Hillary?  Where was the media on the 13 billion dollars Hillary stole from the Haiti relief effort? 

They are suppose to be grilling Comey former FBI Director, however in reality its show time for both parties, its a joke and its totally disgusting! 

You will not hear any substance on substance abuse, why?  Because they will not ask Comey if he ever opened an investigation into Podesta former advisor to Obama about the 35 million dollars he received while advising Obama and Hillary, nor will you hear any senator ask if he opened an investigation nto the 5 billion dollars that went missing while she was the Secretary of State (should be Crook of State!) 

Nor will you hear any senator ask if Comey opened an investigation into the 13 billion dollars that the president of Haiti said she stole from them for the Haiti relief effort!

While many people were watching the dog and pony show in the Senate hearing today the FNN  (Fake News Network) was having a coffee fest for ten hours before Comey began to testify,  Matt Lauer proved he has an I.Q. of at least 90 points,  which is the highest of the left wing talking heads!  Claiming that the Don was guilty of the emotional definition of the obstruction of justice, he must be off his meds!!

Then Dan Rather remember him the truth teller of George Bush who he loathed and hated!?  Well he chimed in with his rather ridicules analogy of the Don, more unintelligent dribble for lefties!

The dog and pony show continues to gather more ho hum and yawn I am going to take a nap after all this super hype!

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