Saturday, June 10, 2017



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This is my first update and hope to keep this article going for some time, now the Washington Post is making Comey out to be a saint, and Fareed Zakaria is also chiming in with his genius, while the left thinks the Paris accords are written in stone!

Additionally I am working to add information that shows how distrustful the demonic party is, there s a report out that I am sending to the president and his special counsel that shows how Comey was bought and paid for by the Clinton crime family!!

When lord will the evil talking heads get a life?  They continue to lie and lie and lie its as though they cannot tell the truth even though their very worthless lives depend on it!  The are so busy exacerbating these corrupt lies for their evil purpose of destroying our president!

Its as though they are having a continual orgasm of mental joy over reality!  Salacious as they can be callous and ignorant all in the same state of nirvana!

As for the talking heads I watched as Matt Lauer and Savannah were attacking one of the Don's members of his administration, with Savannah showing a sadistic smile the entire time!  It seems that there is no length to how low the talking heads will go to tarnish the Don with lies, slander, malicious slander, gossip columnists must be working overtime, in addition to perjuring their dignity they are frauds while 94% of the American public do not trust the media!

Yet the fake news media still thinks it is relevant and that America needs them!  Yeah like we all need an enema in the middle of the night!  lol!st fired

So the media still has its panties in a bunch but CNN has at least fired a talking head Reza Aslan more than likely a Moslem parasite!  Who stated that the Don was POS and he is gone!!
Like I say good riddance to bad trash!!  

So now the senate panel wants the Don to turn over tapes not in existence to the panel!  Like Sergeant Shultz on Hogan's Hero's use to say, those jolly jokers!!! lol!!

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