Saturday, May 6, 2017

SEXUAL HARASSMENT (Can be painful) part #3


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I am sure you have heard of sexual harassment, how real is it and how true are the many cases you have heard of?  I am sure many are true!      Just as there are man that are false, as in my case!

While high profile rape cases are not inclusive to harassment, as any person charged with harassing someone will have a serious black mark on their personnel record if it goes to court!

When I was a realtor I worked for a real nice broker who has since passed away, back in the 80's he owned a bar, he had a gal working for him who was stealing from him, wow!  So one day he decided to call her into his office and he gave her her check and her walking papers! What did she do?  She ripped her blouse and screamed rape!  rape! rape! rape! He was shocked at this evil bitch's response!  

Police came he was arrested and went to trial, yes he was not going to lay down for this bitch!  He told us that he spent $40,000.  on legal fee's to defend himself yet he won at a great cost!

Maybe you heard recently that there was an attempt to attack Sean Hannity which of course was part of the left wing ruse as usual,  so the fact that political correctness has entered into our society by the devious socialist heathens who are so filled with hate filled delusional mental hallucinations seems to be on par for those who want to control those of us who refuse to be ruled by evil doers! 

It is truly apparent that these attacks will continue into the future and that the socialists who have these false and frivolous motivations to destroy those of us who believe in god and country will see these attacks because they are not firm believers in god nor do they have any ethics, integrity or honor!  Each and every false attack by the left as they are referred to are as false as the day is long, the most recent attack by the scurrilous left has been the on going hate demonstrated by the riots posted by the left and empowered by the hate mongering media against a duly elected president because they above as stated above no integrity! 
I am sure you have heard that Bill O'Reilly of Fox News was accused of sexual harassment by several women, who I believe saw dollar signs!  As there has never been any evidence that I know of that has surfaced, though there are those who will obviously come to their defense, political correctness be damned!!

I am certain that Bill O'Reilly did not want any bad publicity so I believe he saw no way out, he has never admitted to this so until there is irrefutable proof that he did these vulgar acts he is innocent of any egregious acts that the women claim he committed!!

I was a victim of these kinds of lies once upon a time, yes indeed I was!!  I was the manager of the bar and grill at a bowling ally, there was an 18 year old girl working the counter signing up bowlers and providing rental shoes, she stepped out behind the counter and went to one of the lanes and cussed out a person like a sailor!!!

I told her to get back to her desk and stop swearing like that, the next day my boss called me into his office and said she had filed a sexual harassment claim against me, I lost my raise and so I left there and got another job.

I was the manager for an independent contractor in the Price Club, I was earning a great living after a year or more one of my crew members working at another store recommended a friend of hers so  after interviewing her I hired her, big mistake, 2nd day on the job I caught her with a flask!  I asked her to let me see it and she refused, next day I was informed by my boss that she had filed a sexual harassment claim against me, I lost my managers job and so I found another job!  

My point here is do you believe all the lies that people try to pass along as the gospel!? 
I cannot forget the pain this caused me and these people are poor examples of people, they have no morals, scruples, ethics or honor, this makes them real low life individuals!

In my case I did not have any money but you can see these two had ulterior motives to protect them from the truth, which I am a firm believer in karma, so truth has a way of exposing people who are frauds like them! 

The sad truth is that the one lady who I saw with the flask I discovered later had serious health issues as she was an alcoholic with a 15 year old daughter, great role model for a mother and the other I believe turned out to be a Drugi!

copyright 2017 ©  James Thomas Fridas

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