Thursday, May 18, 2017



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I am already on my third post for this so stay with me and keep up with the latest so the left knows we are not letting them destroy our nation without a fight!!
We all have heard president Trump call out the news as fake news, well the fact is they are all a bunch of lying ass bastards so they are now part of the Liars Club of America!    With ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and CNN leading the way for all the other liars to become honorary members in the bullshit brigade!!! 

These organizations are an inspiration to such rags as the Enquirer,  the Star, and of course the infamous Globe, the National Examiner and the Mirror!  All these tabloids are green with envy!!!

Trash is trash and the left wing liars are so full of hate that this is what sparks their endless assault on the president, of course you need to understand that there is an evil force in the universe that is angry his daughter Hillary lost to gods anointed one the Don!!! 

I challenge anyone to prove that the talking heads are nothing more than atheists, secular humanists, evolutionists, liberals, socialists, communists, heathens and Moslem's!  In essence the worst people in any society there can be, filled with hate, lies, rage false anger and total evil which is what we see in the nation today!! 

The Liars Club of America is a disgusting gang of talking heads, not intellectuals but talking heads, they could be classified as the Society of Talking Heads but I think liars club fits the scenario better!!  They empower radicals to cause riots and attack innocent people, recently a member of Black Lives Matters sneaked up behind a veteran and hit him on the head and not sure if he is dead or not but this is the fault and direct connection between these vermin and the talking heads! 

These pathetic talking heads allow lies to seep into the news and refuse to tell the truth when victims are conservatives, which is like the saying goes, the absent of the truth is the same as a lie, so the name Liars Club fits these degenerate talking heads to a "T" I hope you agree!

Now I would like to invite you to add your favorite member for the Liars Club of America whether it is a newspaper, a magazine, a radio station, a television network or other form of media!!
copyright 2017 ©  James Thomas Fridas

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