Friday, May 19, 2017



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Incredible, new honorary members joining as rapid as they can, the Washington Post is now vying for top honors as a first rate liar, they claim that the president has spilled top secrets to the Russian ambassador, which is of course a crock of bull fried manure!

Other newspapers are joining in on the lie to see if they can garner some evil glory from lying but that will have to be seen on down the road as the Liars Club has special requirements to be a member in good standing, first the lie has to be an original lie, second it has to anger the low life lefties and anti fa freaks,as well as other intellectually inferior individuals!

Of course these hair brain low life talking heads support the demonic party of America and are out to destroy the nation as we know it as well as the constitution, denial is futile because just the other day Senator Schumer held a press conference and with other low life members of the demonic party stated that they will do all they can to support Sharia law, incredible , committing treason right on camera!

So the Liars Club of America has the following requirements, one they need to "LIE", two "they must not be Christians"!  three "they must be heathens"!  four "they must never support any Republican or Conservative"!  five "they must always enable traitors, communists, thugs and any UN American organization like BLM"! 

Of course hate must be the major narrative of all members of the LIARS Club of America!!! 
Hate, hate and more hate, that is how they anger the snowflakes and anti American progressives who want to destroy our constitution!

copyright 2017 ©  James Thomas Fridas

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