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Allow me to add the following information that I have added a change.org petition to the list on their website and plan on launching it as soon as possible, I am in need of some information to add to it so when I launch the next up date I hope to have it ready to go, thank you for reading this post!

OK this is an update I have sent letters to both congressmen and hope to get more traction by adding this to change.org, I hope you will join me this petition I want to start will go to Ryan and Pelosi!!!

This is an update for Saturday afternoon is is after 2 pm here are pictures I promised not great I know but I will try to make them better next time!!!  

There were several hundred people here and I bad, should have taken pictures from back of room anyhow here is Congressman Mark DeSaulnier near flag talking, Jerry McNerney is behind table

This is Congressman Jerry McNerney at the podium on left side

Last update for Saturday 4/8/17, looks like I will be able to attend today as my brother will be OK according to his wife, they will be bringing him to Antioch Kaiser Sunday the 9th of April, so hope to see many of my friends at the Nick Rodrquez building at the Senior Center in Antioch California today at 10 am!

Third update, just received a call from my brothers friend he is in the hospital after suffering a stroke, may have to cancel going to the meeting Saturday though I really wanted to be there, so please be patient with me I am waiting to hear from his wife on his condition, I will update as soon as I hear from her, thank you for your patience!

Second update, this is a very significant opportunity for Americans to voice their approval or opposition to the wall, please do not take a back seat and wait until its to late to speak!  Please pass this on to your contacts!

Urgent update:  Saturday April 8 2017 there will be a town hall meeting with two congressmen at the Antioch California Senior Center on 415 W  2nd Street congressman Jerry McNerney and Congressman Mark DeSaulnier will be there at 10 am 

My opinion is a wall is the wrong way to go, a canal would be more prosperous for both Mexico and the US, both countries could build interior water ways and  canals for ports in their nation!

Now if Mexico wanted a canal from the border to say Monterrey they could add one or two additional ports along the way at smaller cities, they could add one at Tijuana as well as Juarez and any other city they want a port to be established!

With the ports will be strong growth for commercial enterprises, as for the cost the US would not have to tax the hell out of our citizens, it could be financed through "C" enterprise allowing the people to own income and revenue streams from the fee's generated by the shippers!

In addition sponsorship's would allow this enterprise to develop other streams of revenue to off set costs and expenditures!

As for the US portion Texas could have two or three or maybe four ports along the canal, New Mexico could have a port or two as well as Arizona then California could also have a port or two, imagine if you will how many jobs could be produced!

Imagine as well the fact that the canal could allow aircraft carriers and oil tankers to large to go through the Panama canal could go through!!

If the idea is to stop smugglers from entering the US then the canal is a much better way to prevent this from happening, after all drug cartels can still build tunnels under the wall!!!

Think about all the prosperity this would create, jobs on both sides of the border as well as economic strength for both nations, the world would be sending ships through this canal at record speed to do business with our nation as well as Mexico!

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