Monday, April 10, 2017


             HAS JERRY BROWN FLIPPED                                      HIS FLIPPER?
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Update now it is believed this costly piece of crap will cost over 100 billion dollars, my bet is in time it will cost even more than that!

            Or is it treason what he is doing?

This is an update on Jerry Brown and his companion Gruesome Neusome!  More news coming from the incompetent Jerry Brown, while he is touting jobs in Sacramento over 9,000 companies have left California and the jewel of the jobs leaving American Dynamics I mention below!

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So we have the train to nowhere and the tunnel to funnel water to his buddies but did you also know it was the republicans who put this buffoon in office!!!  You read that correct, the Republicans!  Specifically the late governor Arnold Schwarzenneger and with the help of Tom the traitor Campbell and Pete the dirt bag Wilson!!

Of course you may not have heard that American Dynamics is leaving California and taking 20,000 jobs as we now know over 9,000 companies left California under the leadership of the worst governor in California history and he has another incompetent person wanting to be the next governor in California!

Jerry Brown governor of California has just pulled a bone headed stunt on Californians by raising gas tax and registration fee's without allowing Californians to approve or disapprove this action, while he is preparing to spend 60 billion dollars on a bullet train to nowhere!

This is proof Jerry Brown is the worst governor to ever be elected to the office of governor in California's long proud history!  No concern for the people who foot the bills, in an effort to repair our infrastructure, think about that for a moment, the 60 billion dollars could go along way to repair our roads and bridges!

What we need in California is an economically responsible administrator in the governors chair, not this buffoon from kindergarten!   Waiting in the wings to be our next governor is another irresponsible pretender to the throne of leadership, leadership not included in the name of gruesome Neusome!  

This guy is as irresponsible as they come, just ask his ex-wife!

Lets not forget its Jerry the Clown Brown who wants to send water tunnels from Northern California to  Southern California for the chemical companies and oil companies so they can do their fracking for more oil!  

Oklahoma is doing fracking and before they started they had 3 earthquakes small ones, then when they started fracking they had over 250 earthquakes, so all they are waiting for is the big one, we in California on the other hand will be In the ocean when the big one hits!1 

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