Thursday, March 30, 2017



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Do you think any of these people at the networks ABC,CBS, NBC, CNN or MSNBC are Christians?  If so please prove it!  They are liars and deniers of truth!   They fabricate stories as the Don called them fake news stories he was being polite, I call them a bunch of lying bastards!

The networks are in my opinion the purveyors of lies, they are the ones who attempted to steal the election from the Don for the Bitch of Benghazi!   how many negative stories have been about the Don vs the Bitch of Benghazi??

Do you believe they even tried to make it look like they were impartial?  Before the second debate between the Don and the Bitch of Benghazi it was discovered the Lester Holt had given the Bitch of Benghazi the questions o the debate a week before they had the first on so she looked polished and presidential!

Another reason that the bitch needed to loss!!  It is my personal opinion that the Nets as they are referred to had a hand in trying to steal the election from the Don and help the Bitch win by stealing the election, so the mentally deranged left wing Marxists are calling the Don the president who is the popular vote loser!!

With 3 million dead people o the rolls for the Bitch!  It is my express belief and opinion that the nets are in cahoots with the evil NWO, after all the NWO owns the Nets!  The networks did everything they could to make Hillary look wonderful to the American public, the day before the election the Wall Street Hillary supporters said that if she won the market would go up and if the Don won it would collapse!  Really?  So why did it not collapse after he won?  Rather it was on fire, why?  Because the American public was fed up with the manusha that the media was feeding the public!

So now you have the Democrats  AKA Marxist and the networks conspiring to destroy the Don through a barrage of attacks that the media is trying to make it look like they are reporting news, BS is BS no matter how you slice it and dice it!!!

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