Thursday, March 23, 2017



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If the Book of Sharia says for Muslims to kill Christians and Jews how can any intelligent person not see a connection between terrorism and Islam?

One would have to be totally insane to deny this fact since it is the law of Islam and is part of the 5 Pillars of Islam which is a cult of terrorism and how one can ascertain that it is a religion?

One would have to be absent in the analytical ability of the mind and completely ignorant as well as stupid!

As for anyone who supports or embraces Islam and Sharia would make that person a traitor to the constitution which states that any person that wishes  to destroy or attack the constitution can be deported under the "McCarron Walters Act" so its time to send these terrorists packing if they do not like our constitution!  

Sharia law be damned and any who support it as well!!!  Are you listening Maxine the mouth Waters!!!

Read to the bottom ans see how tolerant Islam is not!!  Then make an informed decision as to whether to support or not support these pathetic evil people!

See all the pictures below to get a real sense if  the evils of Islam!!!

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Isn't this just peachy?  How wonderful are these pathetic evil people, you cannot read a bible in Arabia, a nation that exists because of our Christian leader Teddy Roosevelt!

The Punishment for reading a Bible in Saudi Arabia – photo

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