Sunday, March 19, 2017



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In short,  HELL YES!!!  The following article was in response to this in a post great response
Black on white rape is epidemic, heard anything about it lately, of course not. Twice as many whites are killed by cops ever year than blacks, heard about that FACT in the media lately, of course not. The number one cause of death of young black men is other young black men. Native American tribes butchered each other, raped & kidnapped each other's women, raped, tortured & murdered innocent white settlers, including women & children, do they teach that in school anymore, of course not. Thousands of WHITE people fought & DIED freeing black slaves. Many of those newly freed slaves robbed, raped & murdered the very people who fought to free them. WHITE people fought racism against blacks & championed the unconstitutional Civil Rights Act & numerous other laws that elevated blacks to a SPECIAL, not equal, class.
We now have 3rd world leeches coming from all over the world to receive SPECIAL rights & nice, fat taxpayer subsidized WELFARE benefits because somehow we, middle class, hard working light skinned Americans "owe" them. 87% of illegal & 72% of legal immigrants are sucking the milky white tit of WELFARE. That is why today's "immigrants"/LEECHES are not even remotely like the brave men & women who actually risked their very lives to have an OPPORTUNITY for a better life in America. Ted Kennedy's plan to "brown" America & create welfare dependent Democrat voters is working beautifully.

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