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This is an Estimate of federal and state income tax loss along with educational resource loss.   Please read below on how Unauthorized Immigrants are Hurting Your Communities, States and the United States of America?

Sanctuary States/Cities Pay Attention!
Let me first start off by first saying I am for migrants coming to the United States of America.  I believe everyone should be afforded the opportunity to a better life.  What I am opposed to is Illegal immigrants entering the U.S. because they are destroying our way of life and they have cut in front of other immigrants that have come here legally.  This is the same way of life they want but they are contributing to the destruction of it by driving down wages, using public resources funded by taxpayers without contributing back, participating in criminal activities, and tax evasion.   I also oppose those individuals who come here that do not assimilate.  Instead, they burn the United States flag and fly their homeland flags in protests. 
The United States has a strong value system and it is a great melting pot of cultures, religions and races.   However, the United States is built on laws which none of us, including you (illegal immigrants), U.S. citizens, or any gov’t representative (state or federal) can pick which laws we want to follow.  We must follow all laws!  With that said if you are not willing to accept our laws, if it is in direct conflict with your belief system and you are not willing to assimilate, please do not come here.  We do not allow adults to marry children and we do not do “honor killings” in the United States; we do not rape or beat women for showing their faces or having a voice in our society.
The following spreadsheet shows the low end of how much money is being lost in state and federal tax revenue for 2015 based on the total unauthorized immigrant population of 2014 being 11,009,000.   It also shows lost revenue for unauthorized immigrant children going to public school.  The total dollar estimate for these three categories is $202,157,409,339.90. When you factor in other resources such as medical care, law enforcement, destruction of personal property, driving down of wages, social services, etc., the dollar figure balloons well beyond a number I can calculate.    
Today this number could be much higher seeing that Mr. Obama and Hillary Clinton allowed for much of our border to go unpatrolled and encouraged Illegals to cross the border to help further there Globalist agenda of open borders and one gov’t for all countries. 
When undocumented immigrants come to the United States looking for jobs they are willing to work longer hours for less pay and there is always some business owner willing to take a risk to break the laws and hire them.   The business owner is not looking after you and me but they are only looking at their bottom line/ profit margins.  When they hire an illegal immigrant, they can leverage that employee to work harder and longer against their will by keeping them in fear of being reported to ICE  Some of these Illegals can then be considered slave laborers. 
Hiring undocumented immigrants is illegal but the penalties and fines for violating the law are small ( It is my belief this is why owners of businesses are so willing to break the law.  If an employer hires undocumented workers and that person stays employed with them for more than a year, that business owner stands to make more money in tax evasion than the fines and penalties that would be imposed on him for the first time offense.   
Let your voice be heard, say no to your elected officials that are supporting sanctuary cities and states. If they will not enforce our immigration laws then you must.  When you have an idea that someone is hiring undocumented workers report them to ICE Also take action by writing your mayor, governor and senators telling them you want stiffer fines and penalties for violators of the immigration laws. 
As stated above, it was estimated in 2014 there was 11,009,000 undocumented immigrants in the United States.  Please keep in mind these undocumented immigrants for the most part are good natured and they are just looking for a better life.  If you know of a hardworking undocumented immigrant and they are upstanding in your community, help them get a green card or a working visa so they can stay.    But for all the individuals that are protesting and do not want to follow our laws and our way of life, that burn the United States flag, that fly flags from the countries they came from, and that yell “kill the white man,” please help them exit our great country which they hate so much. 
If flooding our country with immigrants is so good for our economy, why isn’t good for theirs country? Why are they not fighting for their freedoms and a better ways of life in their countries?


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