Thursday, December 15, 2016


Feds Declined To Detain Illegal Alien Charged In Hammer Attack And Rape Of California Woman

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or Aureliano Hernandez Ramirez and an accomplice, Jose Fernando Villagomez, allegedly broke into the Santa Maria home of Marilyn Pharis on the early morning of July 24. Pharis, 64, was bludgeoned with a hammer and sexually assaulted. She died eight days after the attack, prompting murder charges against Ramirez. He is being held on $1 million bond.

But Ramirez’s mere presence in the U.S. raises questions given that last month’s brutal attack wasn’t his first act of violence. Nor was it his first time in law enforcement custody. He’s been arrested several times for battery, drugs and for violating probation.

This is why President Trump should charge all political leaders who support or create sanctuary cities to be prosecuted and sent to prison for endangering the lives of Americans while they protect criminals who are here illegally,  illegal by definition is criminal in Websters dictionary!!!

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