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Its Sunday morning so its the Sunday morning ho hum DE dumb kinda morning!  All I can say is more coffee please!!  So in between writing and reading I have a cup of Joe, or as we said in the service a cup of mud!!!  The conversation is around the falsely stated minimum wage for all those that are to stupid to get an education and get a real job!

If you research how many people are losing their jobs in cities that increase the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour  you will see there are thousands losing their jobs, start with Seattle and its over 1,000 from the restaurant business alone!!

California and New York will follow suite and you will see many more liberals states to cause more young people to lose their jobs, the genius's  in charge of the mission to increase wages are not intelligent enough to know that you cannot force square pegs into round holes but they are willing to give it a try!

What infuriates me is that there are people who support this without ever having been in business, if these misfits would start their own franchise say a MC Donald's or a Burger King maybe a Wendy's see if they can pay $15.00 an hour and I bet they will be out of business in a few months!!! 

The employers cannot force people to pay $10.00 for a MC burger so you will see automated drive through and less people working inside

The minimum wage is a farce developed by the left to make us all feel bad about the plight of the poor who the left could care less except during an election to make us all want to touchy feely good!  The fact is that the left found a way to build the tax coffers by raising the minimum wage.

Let me do the math for you, 1 dollar increase is taxed almost 86 cents to the dollar starting with F.I.T, then S.I.T., then S.S. and then S.D.I. then city and county taxes in some states as well as other miscellaneous taxes, so much for the raise for the lower end of society, in essence its a joke on society!

So now you see why I do not support raising the minimum wage which also costs jobs, a university study stated that if the minimum wage is raised this year it could cost millions of jobs, so much for touchy feely and all that bull!  

Well now we have minimum wage and how it affects gun control, actually to me gun control is criminal in every aspect!  Only now we have the plutocrats crying in their coffee that the poor need a raise, this is the joke that as Sergeant Shultz on Hogans Hero's use to say "Those Jolly Jokers"!

Too think that Nancy Pelosi the illustrious tyrant from San Francisco who wants to be your overlord wants to dictate to you and lie to you for power as it has been discovered in an article on the Internet that she is POWER MAD!  So San Francisco needs to have her retire this year and that is a fact that needs to be published to all of the nation she is out of touch with reality!  One could even make the case that she is a mad woman!  She was on the Internet admitted she is power mad!

That is what these clowns are a  bunch of jolly jokers and that isn't funny in any way shape or form, so we need to make a new pitch for the poor, no taxes for those earning less than fifteen dollars an hour!!  The other economic illiterate is Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts, another brilliant loony loon!  

Check this out she pays her staff $0.00 per hour and wants employers to pay $22.00 an hour!   Genius that what this bimbo is!   I want her to buy a burger franchise like Burger King pay her employees $22.00 an hour and see how long it takes this economic genius to go out of business!  Now do you know what a moron is?

So contact your congress critter and tell them no on increasing the minimum wage and yes on No Taxes Under $15.00  Now doesn't that feel better!!!   You bet your aunt Gertie's under wear!!!    It does now!!   So what are you waiting for??   Christmas?  Get to it contact that critter er varmint or what ever they are now a days!
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