Tuesday, October 18, 2016



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This is what they do lie, lie, lie and lie some more, the Democrats follow the Nazi line from Hitler, if you lie enough eventually the people will believe you!  We see the lies continue in this election calling Trump everything they are so they reflect the truth with is the enemy of the progressive evil left!

So it is with the 2016 election the Democrats are lying about all Republicans and they have implemented their Nazi style attacks on GOP headquarters then wrote Nazi Republicans on the walls, sure as hell the Nazi's are alive and well in America they are the modern day Democrats!

They are stretching the truth against the Don, in one add they claim he is attacking all women!! Sure he is and Santa Claus wears a Green Jumpsuit!!!  Brain dead lying bastards, and those that believe them are brain dead!!!

If you research on google he has attacked seven women, for the Nazi party,  AKA the Democrats that's enough to say all as in 100% of all women!!!  Yes the  "SLIME STREAM MEDIA" is corrupt and refuses to tell the truth, they attack the Don with fervor and continued assaults, they have even given Wiki Leaks founder Julian Assange no place to hide keeping him in the sights of evil!!!

SOm of these evil bastards have threatened to murder the Don, as if that makes you ignorant piss ants morally superior!! To wit I reply you are nothing but evil!!!  So when hell reigns down on your worthless ass well you earned it!!  


I guess these parasites in the make believe news world think they are so wonderful that they have not figured out that the rest of us with intelligence have figured out they are nothing but talking heads with nothing but lies, lies , lies, lies and more lies!!! More lies after this message from our idiot sponsors!!!

The SLIME STREAM MEDIA lies, lies, lies, lies and lies all the time they have not figured out that the election of Donald trump is not going to stop the right from getting rid of these parasites, Americans have had enough f their intolerable nonsense and lies on a 24 hour basis, we want our country back and the shadow government wants to keep stealing from us!!

Read all the names below and see how evil the Clinton Crime Family really is, and if that does not wake up even the stupidest of Democrats then when they are in hell they can tell  Satan their troubles, that is if he has time to listen among all the screaming!!


Of course these murdering savages who think abortion is a women's right are to stupid to know they are stupid, it is a life that has no voice, but it is a senescent life!

The following was on google plus and explains why the right is disgusted with the government which is being hijacked by he forces of evil!!



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