Wednesday, June 8, 2016



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Just because they are in office does not make them intelligent, and that can be changed by the will of the people and as for the upcoming election Graham, Kirk and Ryan are leading the way for the three unwise men the polar opposite of the 3 wise men!!!

Allow me to explain, Trump did not win the nomination by stealing it from his opponents, he won it with the support of the base!!!  He won by major landslides in many cases, true he lost a few states, though there were a few that were stolen from Trump after he won them like Tennessee, Colorado and Indiana, those who conspired to defraud him of his victories will be toast after the election, they were RINO's not conservatives.

What is a RINO you ask?  They are cousin to liberals in the democrat party, they are just as disgusting as liberals, only difference is they are traitors in the Republican party they will stab a conservative in the back, like Pete Wilson and Tom Campbell did to Bruce Hershenson when he was poised to win the Senate race in California against Diane Feinstein when the two RINO's from hell stabbed him in the back!!!

When they did this Bruce who was carrying Wilson's friend who was running against Boxer the two were leading and then with the fell swoop of the sword by these two RINO's the two men lost as did California and we have been saddled with these two frauds for Senators since then!!

This is why Trump must win to stop the RINO's and the liberals from destroying America, if they win we are dead meat America!!!  We need to see lying Ryan fry this election cycle as for Kirk the jerk well not sure he thinks he is any smarter than Ryan and Graham the little man from South Carolina these three need to be removed!!!

Of course these parasites think that we should all be listening to them,  why?  Because they are so 
intelligent and wise, NOT!  These establishment elitists are so disgusting that is why Trump destroyed them in the primaries and they think that they are to be listened to!

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