Thursday, June 9, 2016



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It has been spread through the news like a lightening bolt that Trump is a racist, really?  Who is calling him a racist and why?  Well RINO's who are less than loyal to the conservative wing of the Republican party and of course the liberal media which hates emphasis on HATE conservatives!!

So why are they calling him a racist? Because they have absolutely nothing intelligent to discuss in the matter as well as no proof!  The judge that he supposedly attacked has the media calling him a racist over his attack of him,  in fact the judge apologized for releasing the information from the suite that has been in court!!

Yet the bigoted "SLIME STREAM MEDIA"  emphasis on SLIME has not mentioned that very significant point that would make it not a realistic point to discuss again because it is nothing of an intellectual matter which is why there are no real intellectuals in the "SLIME STREAM MEDIA"!!

As for calling him or anyone on the right a racist is because the left is hiding behind a false shadowy window of illusions and lies where they are the real racists and liars!  Look at that American Native (this is a joke of course)  Elizabeth Warren calling Trump greedy when she profited from the foreclosure crisis and then claimed as a statement of fact which was a bold face lie that Trump profited from the crisis!!!

See what hypocrites the left happen to be, if you support Hillary then you cannot call yourself a true American supporter of the constitution because she will not support the constitution if elected she will turn America into a 3rd world nation, that is not my thought it was in the news already so it happens to be out there and you need to think long and hard about how far you want America to fall!!!

Media focused on trump U law suite ignores Clinton U law suite!!!!
Exclusive: Media Ignores Clinton University Scandal Worse Than Trump U

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