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Only a few times in your life will you see a legend, someone who stands head and shoulders above all the rest in the industry of their choosing!  Such was the case of John Wayne, he was a brilliant businessman who garnered a great deal of support as a "B" actor who parlayed his good looks into a top rated class "A"  actor as well as a producer! 

He had a sense of fair play when it came to those who were discriminated against in the business of motion pictures, as a producer he set out to do something positive which was to give native American Indians an opportunity to be in the motion picture industry!

The most famous of these films was Mc Lintok co-starring the lovely Maureen O'Hara, they made a lot of films together but the Quiet Man may have been their best together, while in Mc Lintok he had a large cast of real live Comanches not white men dressed as Comanches!!    

Below this portion of this article is the beginning of this article which I posted for those who are interested in having John Wayne honored by the state of California I hope you will add this to your circle of friends and put it on your social media!!!

I sincerely hope that you will take the time to read this information about John Wayne and see how important he was to America and how the California legislature dissed John Wayne through misinformation! 

John Wayne was a top rated western movie star of the first order, in the beginning of his career 
this handsome Hollywood hunk as the youth would call him today was a handsome actor who played and starred in a lot of what is referred to as "B" movies before he became a top rated actor which started during WW ll  one movie he was an FBI field agent with then up and coming actor James Arness, they were best friends then and would continue for years until their deaths,.

John Wayne was offered an opportunity to star in the television series Gun Smoke, he had to decline because he was involved in a movie at the time and suggested they contact James Arness, the rest as they say is history!!!

The following section is the beginning of this article which was part one for those who did not read it, it is important to see what California is wrong about with John Wayne!

John Wayne made more western movies than anyone in Hollywood, over 210 while Glen Ford was a close second at 205 westerns!!! To bad for two not so great actors!!!  Ha ha!!!  They were both great, while John Wayne has been vilified because of his conservative positions, recently the state of California refused to honor him calling hi a racist and bigot!!!

What a bunch of hate filled politicians the state has produced!!!  Have you eve watched closely at a film produced by John Wayne?  Westerns had real American natives, i.e. Indians!!!  He wanted them to have a part in the American  dream they were not offered by our government and he is a racist and bigot!!!

These political cronies need to have a serious intervention with a medical specialist in mental health!!!  Really they do as it appears they do not understand the meaning of racist or bigot!!!

I hope you will join me and make this go viral on social media so we can get these Sacramento politicians to get real with the facts and stop panning to the political left who hated John Wayne, bigotry and racism is a Hollywood liberal position !

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