Sunday, May 22, 2016



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If you watched the news and saw the protesters at the Trump-Ryan meeting in Washington D.C. you would have seen people holding signs calling Trump an Islamaphobe!!!  Proof there is no intelligence in the so called left!!

These are the enemy of the Constitution, if you know the Law there is a provision titled the "McCarran-Walters Act of 1952"  also known as the Islamic Exclusion Law, that forbids Islamists from being in America!!

So you have signs calling Trump an Islamaphobe, what genius came up with that idea?  OK so I am exaggerating they are to stupid to be genius, I was making jest of these pathetic lard brain stupid people!!!  When I say stupid I mean extremely stupid!!!  

These are Islam apologists who have no idea what they are doing, Islam is so evil that the left is in bed with them, just look at Hillary and her admin handler she is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood!!!

In fact they are a SPECIAL KIND OF STUPID!!  So stupid in fact they can literally be equal to the inbred Muslims who have I.Q.s so low they reach a high of 70!!!

They do not believe in the sanctity of America, they are hence traitors to the majority who want Islam out of America, only the left makes so much noise you think they are the majority, but a survey showed that 61% of Americans want Islam banned in America!!!

Well now you have the slime stream media stating that Hillary has a double digit lead over Trump, what horse manure is that??  I have seen a poll where Trump will take 43 states to Hillary's 7 so again the media is doing its part to lie to the American people and even assist in stealing the election from Trump!!!
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