Friday, May 20, 2016



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Some politicians openly pander for votes. Some simply do as they do every day and people follow them.
Donald Trump has proven to be the latter and a story from 1991 when he helped out a group of 200 Marines when they were abandoned is proof of how much he cares about this country and OUR military.

When their tour of duty in Operation Desert Storm had concluded, 200 Marines wanted nothing more than to return home to their families.
Unfortunately, after their decompression period from battle, a mistake had been made, leaving the Marines stranded and unable to get back home.

Somehow, Donald Trump heard what was going on and sent one of his planes down to make sure the Marines all got home on time and safely.
One former Marine commented, “The way the story was told to us was that Mr. Trump found out about it and sent the airline down to take care of us. And that’s all we knew… I remember asking ‘Who is Donald Trump?’ I truly didn’t know anything about him,”

To make sure the story was correct Sean Hannity called Donald Trump about the Marines claim and his campaign confirmed the story,   pressed for more details, they simply said it happened, period. No grandstanding, no looking for recognition. It just happened.
Here is the difference between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton…
Hillary claims to have come under fire when we all know she got a VIP reception. She sensationalizes the incident and insults our military who come under fire in the process.
Donald Trump helps and cares for our military, but you never hear a word about it because he isn’t doing it for headlines, he is doing it because he sees it as his personal duty.
Now, you tell me, who is better fit for the White House?

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