Monday, May 2, 2016



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Trump is a person who does not really brag about his compassion or you would have heard about this family he saved 30 years ago, click the lin to read the sorry and see why he is being attack by losers!!!

There is a lot more to this man of god than meets the eye!!!  Then this is where comrade Cruzski is dead wrong about Trump being a sniveling coward, read this article and find out why! He saved this man from a icious beaing, click the link for the full story.....

Then there is Melissa Young who is on death watch is alive because of the DON!!!  read her story here and once again see why Trump is gods choice for America!!!

This is a msut see video about 3 minutes long shows the Don once again saving a child in 1988, click the link and watch, then comment and tell me why Trump is more than qualified to be preident!!!


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