Tuesday, April 26, 2016



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Its almost funny, except I cannot laugh!  There are people who think that because North Carolina passed a bathroom bill that says you will go to  the bathroom that suits your biology the left is in an uproar!!!

The following is from the FRC 
Candidates like Donald Trump, who made the mistake of supporting genderless bathrooms (a position the American College of Pediatricians calls "child abuse"), are facing so much backlash that they have no choice but to walk their positions back. For Trump, criticizing North Carolina's law was problematic from the start. After all, this is an issue of political correctness run amuck -- and he's trying to position himself as the politically incorrect candidate. Even his own advisors think Trump is wrong on this issue! As I tweeted yesterday, if you're afraid to defend the right to privacy and safety in bathrooms, how will you protect the borders?

Of course Trump recanted his position after seeing the error of his way and now supports the North Carolina law, thank you Donald!!!
They claim they have been mistreated!!! How awful for these (what are they LGBT?)  Really?  So you think your a woman with male genitals and you want to go to the girls bathroom or you will have a hissy fit!!!  Or you are a girl who wants to go to the mans bathroom!!!  OK Go and if you are rapped hey what can I tell you other than you asked for it!!!

The fact is that in North Carolina it was the Pedophile leaders who are pushing the opposition  to this bill!!!  In addition to rapists and those who think they have a right to trump your rights because you do not have any rights other than the fact that you are a bigot and a hate monger to even suggest that they cannot go in their!!!!!! 

So why should we submit to the lefts attempt to dehumanize the woman of America by allowing men in women's bathrooms!!!  In Pennsylvania a man was arrested for going into the woman's bathroom and photographing a 10 year old girl!!!  The media is not telling the public of the thousands of rapes and the molestation in women's bathrooms in America, now they are supporting an attempt to make being a pedophile OK!!!   Really??  

Boy has the left flipped its flipper big time, pedophiles will no longer be considered criminals if they get their way and the Muslims are involved up to their fuzzy beards!!!  So you have a child that is raped and molested by one of these vile contemptuous filthy degenerate deranged things called pedophiles, what do you do when the police say well its OK they are not criminals!!!

Are you going to be happy with that outcome, can you not see how all this is designed to work in unison to destroy America?   OK so I am a conspiracy theorist, ha! ha! ha! ha!! and if you believe that then tell me why we no longer execute murderers?  Why do we no longer punish rapists with the death sentence or pedophiles with the death sentence!!  Conspiracy theorist!!  Really?

This to me is proof that the Democratic party is opposed to women's rights over the mentally ill who need heterosexual reorientation, which the left says cannot work, even though it has been successful in countless lives!!!   The late Dr James Kennedy had shown hundreds of real life situations where thousands of homosexual men and women were reoriented to their original sexual and biological lives! 

So why has the media not shown these facts to the public?  Really??   It does not fit the media's attempt to destroy America, these degenerate misfits called journalists are only interested in creating hate and racism!!!  The media has been the enablers of this degenerate mentally that permeates throughout the nation and refuses to assist in helping people get their lies back n track to  a normal life!!!

So the argument over so called transgender bathrooms will be won when enough men stand up to defend the sanctity of their wives and daughters!  Men going into the woman's bathroom is a dangerous situation leaving women in a precarious position should that man be a rapist or a pedophile in disguised as an alleged woman!!!

Recently Kurt Schilling was fired from the sports network ESPN, which I do not think was very sporting of them  (pun intended) for posting an article on his face book page and for that they decided they should discriminate against him and fire him!!

I think they do not believe in freedom of speech!!  that of course is my own opinion and the people at the Especially Stupid Peoples Network I sure will disagree with me and claim they were very fair!!!


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