Tuesday, April 26, 2016



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So I am sure you heard that Charles Koch has called Trump a NAZI and Cruz ISIS plan insane!!!   Charles Koch is a JOKE!  He is not a real conservative!!!  Billionaire with no concept to reality, he is a fraud as far as I am concerned, to top it off he thinks Hillary would make a better president than Trump, proof he is not a true conservative!!!

He and a couple other billionaires are more concerned how much money they can get from their contacts with the establishment, now for the shocker, remember the establishment had JFK assassinated!!!  So any vote for Hillary or any establishment candidate is a date with evil!!!

Comrade Cruski and Komrade Kasich are teaming up to stop the Don from being able to Trump them!!! (pun intended)   So they think they can stop him which I see as funny and stupid at the same time!!!  

Do they think stopping him is going to make them a winner??  Obviously they are not true members of the GOP but rather as establishment figures they are operatives for the enemy within, which would be the NWO!!!

That is why the establsihment is doing all they can to stump the Trump and stop him at all costs!!!  After watching this degenerate Comrade Cruzski on televiosion as much as I can it is obvious that people who support him do not have the testosterone to defend the values of our constitution!!

Now Cruzich is a team of doo doo's tinking they can sto the Don and become America's White horse!!  How stupid do you have to be to be stupid?  Lke all of a sudden the base will be happy to vote for establishment heathens!!!  Not happening you two who are the equal to Jim Carry in Dumb and Dumber!!!

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