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I like that analogy, I think it fits well with these bigots who fired Kirk Schilling for speaking his mind on his personal face book!  Of course if you are as pissed ff as I am then there are no words that can truly define the way a father or husband would be irate if he saw a pervert, rapist or pedophile walk into a bathroom behnd his wif or daughter!!!

The fact s it happens a lot and the media is not talkig aout it, as there are now grous of people in the psyhciatric preofession who are heasing u a challenge to prevent pedophiles from being charged as criminas this is=n conjuction with the Isamic invasion in America!!!  

the following portion is from FRC, and it speaks volumes about the hypocrisy of LGTP or what ever they cakk it instead of fighting to protect women and young girls from predators!

Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling is used to throwing people out -- not being thrown out. But after the former World Series Champ expressed his colorful opinion about the bathroom debate in North Carolina, ESPN fired him. Although Schilling made the comments on his personal page (which included a disclaimer that the opinion was 100% his), it didn't matter. The idea that any father wouldn't want his daughter to share a restroom with a grown man was too much for the sports network, who sent the MLB record-holder to "the showers" in another obvious attempt at "tolerance."
"ESPN is an inclusive company," officials said, ignoring the irony, not to mention blatant hypocrisy. "Curt Schilling has been advised that his conduct was unacceptable and his employment with ESPN has been terminated." While some say the picture and post could have been more artfully communicated, Schilling is obviously as bewildered as the rest of us at this fast-speed train of gender lunacy. "A man is a man no matter what they call themselves. I don't care what they are, who they sleep with..." he argued, pointing out some very blunt anatomical differences.
Of course, ESPN didn't seem to mind when Tony Kornheiser compared the tea party to ISIS in September. And unlike Curt, he did it on air! Where is Kornheiser today, you ask? Still behind an ESPN microphone, collecting checks! How's that for selective outrage? Obviously, Schilling was targeted because he expressed politically incorrect views. Is it really so radical to suggest that people select the restroom or locker room that matches their anatomy, so as not to violate the privacy and even safety of the other 99.5% of society?
Ohio Governor John Kasich (R), the dad of twin daughters, thinks businesses should be forced to open their restrooms and locker rooms regardless of the potential liability. Apparently, the man who is so fond of telling Americans to "move on" thinks the same advice applies to anatomy too. Meanwhile, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is taking on Donald Trump for "defying common sense" on the bathroom question. After Trump told NBC's "Today" that North Carolina's law was bad for business (since when are free market laws bad for business?), Cruz fired back at the New York mogul. "Let me ask you, are we going stark raving mad? This is political correctness. This is nonsense. "Here is basic common sense: Grown adult men, strangers should not be alone in bathrooms with little girls." Let's not forget: this is the same Donald Trump who told an Iowa crowd: "When I'm president, I'm a different person. I can do anything. I can be the most politically correct person you have ever seen." In that case, Cruz jabbed, maybe it's time for Trump to put "Making America P.C. Again" on hats.
Honestly, the fact that our nation is wasting so much time on this debate is mind-boggling in itself. Actors like James Woods can only shake their heads. "The world is fighting Islamic terrorism, starvation, and disease, but Democrats are fighting for men to pee in the ladies' room," he tweeted. "#insanity." He's right. We finally got the administration to admit there's genocide in the Middle East, but their focus is still not on that problem, or strengthening the economy, or security America's borders. Why? Because it's too preoccupied with the signs on the bathroom door! And liberals say we're obsessed with social issues? They're the ones declaring war on human biology along with their continued battle against common sense!

So when you see these rapists or pedophiles go into a woman's rest room which is what there will be, who will protect these women and young girls?  Now for the good news if a girl or a woman is assaulted in the ladies room with a sign that reads OK for those LG, guess what if the city or county or state passed the bill to allow them into women's bathrooms and are accosted by one of these sicko's then the woman or young girls parents can sue the mayor and city council or county representatives or the Governor and state representatives under a ruling passed by the Supreme court in the late 80's, it said that if a person's constitutional rights are violated by a governmemt employee then the vale of immunity is not going to protect the from a law suit so get a good constitutional lawyer and sue the hell of of all of them if you or a woman you know is assaulted by one of these sicko's!!!

Get your lawyers ready just in case, it happened the other day in Pennsylvania as I stated above and it happens every day all over America, only now you can make the pay for their attacks on women and young girls!!!

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