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All the great people in America are no comparison to these hero's who risk their lives to save others from out of nowhere they appear like a god send to rescue the needy in dire straights, thank god for these angels of mercy!

So what is the Great American Hero Project?  It is a program that lets the American public see the people the animals as well that have saved the lives of other people.  Many hero's are never heard from even after they save the life of other people.

As an assistant producer on Veterans Voices I have had many creations for television only our studio in Martinez California is not equipped to produce re-creations and so what to do?  I have been in touch with other production companies in the hopes that I may find one that would see the value of a reality show that is total reality!!

In February of 2014 a man on his way to work near Oakland California around 4 am in the morning saw a home on fire, stopped his car rushed into the burning home and save the man his wife and three children and the family pet, what a hero!

In New York a man had a stroke on the subway platform fell onto the tracks with a train on the way only seconds from killing him when out of no where a man on the other side of the platform jumps onto the tracks and pulls the man to safety!'

On another day a woman with three children and a baby in the stroller had entered into the subway when a gust of wind from the opening nearby pushed the stroller onto the tracks when a train was entering the platform another good Samaritan jumped onto the tracks and grabbed the baby and jumped back onto the platform only seconds before the baby would have been killed!

So what makes an every day hero minus costume??  Only god knows, however not all rescues end in a happy ending like the above, some end in the tragic loss of life of the hero, for example a man saved a child from being run over by a truck then was hit by the truck after saving the child!

Another serious tragedy was an 8 year olf boy who saved his siblings lives in an early morning fir then rushed back into the burning inferno to save his crippled grandfather and both he and his grandfather died in the fire!

Tragedies abound but what makes a person do the unthinkable?  An 8 year old boy wired to save his siblings!  Why did he sacrifice his life to save others?  Only Jesus and Jehovah know that answer!
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