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                                 article by:  James Thomas Fridas

                April 5, 2014                                 dateline Antioch California

Are you one of the lucky ones who needs no minimum wage?  OK if not then pay attention this is a joke if ever and the joke is being played on the heart strings of the American public!

If you look at the people who are always crying WOLF as the saying goes its those who could care less about you and me they are to busy claiming millions of dollars in PAC money each year to give a damn!

Now is election year and so the crying towel is in place for the political clowns to come out, oh did I say come out?  Well OK so these clowns are coming out and that is the joke to start with.

Do the math, if you give these so called under paid indigent workers a dollar who gets the bulk of that dollar?  Times up, the correct answer is the "Government"!  That's who, so check it out as I say do the math and here it is:  

The feds get 36 cents, states get anywhere from 6 cents to 10 cents, then there is SDI average from state to state about 5.8 percent or 6 cents, then there is social insecurity another 28 cents, then the new tax for obamacare about 9 cents, now add that up and you have about 89 cents, OK so how does that help the so called low income worker?

It does not help for any one, but if they did what Jimmy Carter did and that was to tax only over ten dollars so if you were under that you paid no tax, with inflation the rate should be anyone who earns fifteen dollars an hour or less should not have to pay tax! 

This way you definitely do help the low income worker and his family to survive because taxes eat up almost  half or more from the low income earner so this makes a lot of sense and the plutocrats should work to that end instead of crying WOLF all the damn time!

Do you agree or disagree with me please comment and let me know if this makes sense to you, if you do I will be sure to add it to future articles along this line.
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