Friday, April 4, 2014


BUSINESS AS USUAL!                    article by:  James Thomas Fridas

April 4, 2014

Did you know that all computers are not made in China!?  While many are such as the infamous Apple which built a city and is making the famous Apple brand in China for pennies on the dollar and selling them here in America for a kings ransom which I will never buy, we now have new makers in America!

Yes, isn't that exciting news?  You bet it is and like Apple when Steven Jobs was building his new company in his garage these new companies are exclusive here in America!  One such company is now in Orlando Florida, the name of this company is "LOTUS" not to be confused with the software by the same name.

Then there are others such as Union Built which is made in Ohio, WOW!  In America of all places!  Can you imagine that?  In addition there are more, but the real news is that while many companies went abroad there are those that realize its smart to be made in America, companies like Dell and Gateway are actually now back in the states and many more in time will be as well, Apple may never come back who cares!?  

Another upstart is Systemax, as well as a company named "ZT", then there is another company named "Polwell", hows that for new companies in America, these are small but in time I believe that they may show up companies like Apple, and I plan on buying American made soon!  

I hope you are a fan of Made in America as I am because we need to let the makers of products in America that its our money and our decision, my only regret is that Curtis Mathis televisions are no longer in business when the CEO was killed on an airline the company was unable to grow as the son did not seem to have his fathers business acumen and business sense, but that is the way of the world.

If you watch this  area of my newsletters I will add more in time about new companies in America, so thank you for reading my newsletters! 
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